Studio Olafur Eliasson, En cuisine

Olafur Eliasson Olafur Eliasson is Danish, born of Icelandic parents but he settles in Berlin and (…)

Indian costumes – Calico Museum of textiles

The Calico Museum of Textiles The history of Indian textiles. And the extent of know-how, the (…)

Lionel Astruc

Lionel Astruc, a journalist writer He has always had his pen engaged. A writing and an (…)

Ayn Rand – The Fountainhead

Ayn Rand, a mysterious writer. A woman so well known in the United States, in India (…)

French artist photographer – the eye of François Halard

François Halard, the eye of an artist In the world of interior design, photography is of (…)

“Petite Poucette” “Thumbelina” de Michel Serres

Some books touch your soul. You who live in this reality, you with your own questions, joys, (…)

How to wrap 5 eggs

I like to be inspired by daily life. From today but also from yesterday, from here (…)

Yotam Ottolenghi

The « cuisine » has never been so present in everyday life and in the bookseller (…)

Love India travel guides

I have traveled so many times in India. Traveled kilometers. So, my friends frequently ask me (…)

Isabelle Eberhardt

A woman. A force that impresses with her freedom of action, thought and reflection. A fascinating (…)

Indigo by Catherine Legrand

Indigo. There are those books that touch, which carry us with them in a whirlwind of (…)

Goodbye Pierre Sterckx

A « grand homme » is gone. A friend. A mentor that made you watch, think, (…)

Handmade in India

Because there are books that become precious objects … “Handmade in India” is one of them. (…)

Selvedge magazine

Selvedge, A UK magazine entirely decicated to textile. You can appreciate each page of this magazine (…)