vb brand philosophy

Today, at 50 with more than 20 years of experience behind me, my career is overwhelmed with creativity, sincerity and warm relationships. My professional life is plural and dotted with some wonderful collaborations, but the common thread that brings all my projects together is my love for raw material along with my respect for craftsmanship. Authenticity, handmade and quality are values which I have cherished from the beginning. Allowing me to achieve timeless and unique results. These results I share with my clients with whom I have built loyal relationships over the years.

It was for these customers but also for newcomers interested in my work that I decided with enthusiasm to open the V.Barkowski store in Marrakesh. The project has been well received and I’m delighted to see that products created at the beginning of my career are still strong sellers today along side my new collections. I enjoy matching particular demands and exchanging ideas. Chatting with my customers is important to me, I want to know where my collections go and like finding out why they are chosen. Today, backed by my knowledge and experience, my instinct has pushed me to open a store with limited access. A peaceful platform where I am able to create as I like. I ponder the meaning for my work, my motto being respect for my collections, my collaborators, my family, my fulfillment. Everything is a harmonious balance between creation, contacts and sincerity. Now, all these projects can be discovered on my site.

Valérie Barkowski


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