What : Artisans at work
Where : Vietnam, India
Who : Valérie Barkowski
When : 2014

Hand embroidered scarves by Mekong Plus

Mekong +, the adventure continues. But at a distance. In 2012, I spent three (…)

Rakhis – new collection

Rakhis bracelet In 2005, I draw my first rakhis bracelet for Samdjhna, indian NGO.The (…)

Mekong + Quilts

This Mekong + quilts collection was designed under my creative direction. A know-how that (…)

A denim collection

Find the right balance between design and marketing, coaching a team, examine their practices, honor (…)

Mekong+ paper mache

For over two years I work with the NGO Mekong+ in Vietnam. One of (…)

Solidarity according to Mekong Plus

In Vietnam and Cambodia, the Mekong Plus Association provides adapted support to the poorest (…)

Rakhi, symbol of friendship

NO-MAD now sells “Rakhis”designed by V. Barkowski in favor of “Samajhna”, a non profit (…)

The Rakhi bracelet – bonds of tenderness

This hand-woven, hand-embroidered cotton bracelet is traditionally offered as a token of friendship in (…)

Samajhna and the children

Samajhna is a charity that operates on a shoestring. Marlies Küng Rüdisser is in (…)