What : Artisans at work
Where : India, Morocco
Who : Their hands
When : 1998 up to now


Trimmings from here and elsewhere Some traditions are similar. Or rather, they play the resemblance but (…)

Jain bowls

Au cours d’une journée pleine d’humilité, les moines jaïnistes, de blanc vêtus, ont coutume de voyager pieds (…)

Valerie Barkowski’s workplace

The V.Barkowski bath linen is sold at Couleur Locale, concept store in Knokke, Belgium. On their (…)

Hand sewn hems

Bandit Queen has an eye for detail. Everything is designed to maintain harmony and beauty of (…)

Handwoven blankets

These wool blankets were made entirely by hand in northern Indiaand were  transported in two renowned (…)

Felt making in Jaïpur

The art of felt making. A workshop in Jaipur has a perfect knowledge of those rigorous (…)

100% Handmade bath towels

Handmade work is a « must » for me. It is a blend of expertise and (…)

Chikan hand embroidery in the Bandit Queen collection

Indian know-how is rich, precise and so varied. Among the techniques I have used there is (…)

NO-MAD in screen printing

NO-MAD in screen printing Screen printing is ancestral in India. It develops finesse, precision, know-how. Screen (…)


These photos were taken in a workshop in Jaipur, where block-printing on textiles is an age-old (…)

Making pompoms

These are Moroccan-made, in the workshop where I designed my first home linen collections. The women (…)

Indian dyeing

In India, dyeing is a highly developed craft, and therefore a recurrent aspect in any textile (…)

Indian paper making

For my shopping bags and packagings, I have always used handmade paper. In most cases, I (…)

Bandit Queen buttons

Handmade covered and printed buttons Les boutons recouverts, imprimés et faits main. For Bandit Queen I (…)

Factory Bangalore

All photos by Tom Parker for Bandit Queen

Hand knitting

Each Mia Zia scarf was one of a kind, knit on the loom by hand, without (…)

Jean-Marc Ferrière in the workshop

This photostory is the product of Jean-Marc Ferrière’s residency at the Fondation Sahart. Inspired by the (…)

Thread and needle

Traditional Moroccan caftans and djellabas always featured passementerie: ornaments made of braided fibers. The work is (…)

The ancient art of feltmaking

Plied by expert Moroccan hands, fleece becomes strong, beautiful, colorful felt. How? Take a lock of (…)

Knotting on a loom

Frame loom knotting is not especially widespread as a Moroccan craft. It is limited to the (…)