What : ART DIRECTION / Brand concept / Store Concept / Visual identity / Product design
Where : India
Who : Valérie Barkowski,
When : from 2011 up to now


Inspiring Africa Raw colors. Real faces. Traditional crafts. Graphic and imposing nature. The dry (…)

The fabric store – No-Mad

A first shop for No-Mad After several years of online existence, No-Mad opens its (…)

Candle and Incense, Virudhi Gilaas

Inspiration from the garden A journey down the garden path … This candle and (…)

Indigo collection

Indigo, the new No-Mad color No-Mad grows as the collections follow and complement each (…)

NO-MAD Hardoy Chair

Timeless Hardoy Chair The butterfly chair … This chair was born in 1938 in (…)

Picnic set No-Mad 97% India

Picnic with a green dress code. Here in Morocco it is still winter on (…)

VAYU, a twisted moroccan embroidery

Fez reads in Vayu For No-Mad I twist the Fez embroidery once again, a (…)

Embroidered mirrors

Embroidered mirrors of Gujarat Shimmering colors that sparkle by their shades but also by (…)


Trimmings from here and elsewhere Some traditions are similar. Or rather, they play the (…)

Jain world map

The Jain cosmography In Jainism no straight, motionless, time line. Everything is perceived in (…)

Sarah Carlier for No-Mad

A woman for No-Mad, Sarah Carlier Launch of the new season No Mad. Who (…)

OLIVE collection

A new collection – Olive No-Mad was born in red. “Red”is the first collection (…)


History of tattoos The pigment is impregnated in the skin, forever. Tattoos are indelible (…)

In the mood for a Muddah

Muddah, twisting every day objects Muddah, un classique indien revisité Parce que No-mad aime (…)

Moroccan inspiration for a No-Mad print

My moroccan inspiration… ‘Pankti’ s’inspire du Maroc Je suis immergée dans la vie et (…)

Turban – les tissus No-Mad, imprimés noir et blanc

Parole de turban Dis-moi quel turban tu portes, je te dirai qui tu es… (…)

Paan candles

A paan is chewed. Today a paan lends its fragrance through a No-Mad candle. (…)

Nandi in poster

Nandi, muse of NO-MAD An Indian bull in all its elegance and simplicity … (…)

NO-MAD Café @ Design ID New Delhi 2017

Feel at home at NO-MAD Café A fair is a place that pulsates, lives, (…)

The Hamilton studios, Mumbai. From 1924 to …

L’Hamilton studios à Mumbai, de 1924 à nos jours Au cœur de Mumbai demeure (…)


Charpoy. Quatre pieds revisités Du bois, de la ficelle donnent naissance à un lit. (…)

Chaiwallas, an indian tradition everywhere in India

Chaiwallas, tea, streets of India… Ils ont besoin de peu de choses. Un petit (…)

Coffee pot – From Lamu to India

Valérie Barkowski s’inspire d’une emblématique cafetière trouvée à Lamu. Re visitée, elle trouve sa place dans la collection “table” de No-Mad.

Jain bowls

Au cours d’une journée pleine d’humilité, les moines jaïnistes, de blanc vêtus, ont coutume de (…)

NO-MAD Twist

The pace of life is accelerating … So it takes more time to see, (…)

NO-MAD new site

For NO-MAD, I had a « carte blanche ». This beautiful freedom, I still keep it (…)

New York Now 21st to 24th august 2016

NO-MAD times

A few sheets of paper with a meaning, colors, words that resonate with the (…)

NO-MAD & la Joyeuse Clique

NO-MAD loves creativity and also aspires to see its creations live in diverse environments, combined according (…)

The GREY collection

Le gris tristesse. Chagrin. Mélancolie. Une couleur qu’il n’a pas toujours la vie facile, (…)

NM Black variations

The “table collection” I imagined for NO-MAD is an assortment of color, the juxtaposition (…)

India Design ID fair 2016 – New Delhi

In early February the brand No-Mad 97% India has for the second time participated (…)

India Design ID 2016

The PINK collection

Nouvelle couleur dans la palette NO-MAD : le rose. Le rose tendre, apaisant et (…)

Say it with a moodboard

I cut, I select, I assemble, I change, I look at all the images (…)

NM Styling blue lunch

The sweetness of a lunch. That of a blue? That of NO-MAD. A blue-gray (…)

Jaya cushions, sustainable & organic

Be inspired. Allow yourself to be surprised. Being open to the hazards. It is (…)

At the fair “Vivre Côté Sud” 2015

A “rendez-vous” in Provence. Unmissable. A meeting with professionals and individuals in interior design (…)

The BLUE collection

Une collection couleur de ciel La palette des couleurs de NO-MAD s’ouvre, s’élargit pour (…)

Rakhi, symbol of friendship

NO-MAD now sells “Rakhis”designed by V. Barkowski in favor of “Samajhna”, a non profit (…)

Fabrics by meter

Create a Collection is making choices. It means to select ideas among endless possibilities. (…)

Several steps … the Indian Design ID fair – New Delhi 2015

Several steps are required for a young brand. Among these, the presence in a (…)

The No-Mad tray, a thali with a twist

It is round, friendly and so Indian. So steeped in culture. It struck me (…)

NO-MAD + Nandi + mascot = cushion

NO-MAD + Nandi + mascotte = coussin Le coussin en forme de Nandi est (…)

The Green collection

Vert de vie NO-MAD grandit. Et quelle meilleure couleur pour symboliser cette croissance que (…)

Indian wax prints

India has inspired. We have always loved tap into its creativity, heritage, its colors, (…)

Laundry tags

A small fabric label, sewn. A small yet nothing that says it all. This (…)

NO-MAD in screen printing

NO-MAD in screen printing Screen printing is ancestral in India. It develops finesse, precision, (…)

No-Mad at Salon Côté Sud – 2014

Four days of sun and a interior design ambiance. Four days for the 16th (…)

The PURPLE collection

A la fin de l’arc-en-ciel… Le mauve, c’est la couleur des rêveurs… Un univers (…)

No-Mad’s vision on incense

La route de l’encens Des lointaines caravanes aux actuelles rues de Delhi ou d’ailleurs, (…)

Candles, inspiration from the bazar

Une flamme parmi les épices… Sama et Anjara… deux mots familiers, n’est-ce pas ? (…)

The butterfly chair

Siège d’ici et d’ailleurs NO-MAD tisse, métisse… et s’inspire quelquefois au-delà des frontières indiennes (…)

The BLACK collection

Noir intense Le noir. Le vide. La nuit avant le jour. Cette couleur, dont (…)

The RED collection

Rouge amour, rouge sang, rouge prospérité… le rouge est partout en Inde, vibrant, joyeux, (…)

First press releases No-Mad

AD India / November – december 2013 AD Inde / Novembre – décembre 2013 (…)

Visual identity No-Mad

Strong, simple, timeless. 97% Indian. Such is the recurrent theme of the brand NO-MAD. (…)

Valérie Barkowski, a true “NoMad”

NO-MAD is first of all a meeting but it is also a personal step (…)

NO-MAD Press book