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The fabric store – No-Mad

A first shop for No-Mad After several years of online existence, No-Mad opens its (…)

Coffee pot – From Lamu to India

Valérie Barkowski s’inspire d’une emblématique cafetière trouvée à Lamu. Re visitée, elle trouve sa place dans la collection “table” de No-Mad.

Hand sewn hems

Bandit Queen has an eye for detail. Everything is designed to maintain harmony and (…)

The BLUE collection

Une collection couleur de ciel La palette des couleurs de NO-MAD s’ouvre, s’élargit pour (…)

100% Handmade bath towels

Handmade work is a « must » for me. It is a blend of (…)

The No-Mad tray, a thali with a twist

It is round, friendly and so Indian. So steeped in culture. It struck me (…)

NO-MAD in screen printing

NO-MAD in screen printing Screen printing is ancestral in India. It develops finesse, precision, (…)

Royal Yacht Club Mumbaï – The view

Right in front of Gateway of India. Majestic, bordering the sea, built in yellow (…)

The BLACK collection

Noir intense Le noir. Le vide. La nuit avant le jour. Cette couleur, dont (…)

Bandit Queen at Palmyra House

Bandit Queen bed linen in Palmyra House Studio Mumbai, an architectural firm bears its (…)

Mix and match

Time which brings together Yesterday’s designs meet with those of today. Or perhaps the (…)

Silver Collection

The five commandments of Diwali Five days of festivity… five days when lights shine (…)


Bandit Queen hand embroidered Mongrams Bandit Queen Monograms are hand embroidered and elegantly personalized (…)

Le Mill Mumbaï – Styling lunch

Table linen – Bandit Queen. All other items – Le Mill. Flower arrangements – Nazneen (…)

Bandit Queen – video

Bandit Queen by Valérie Barkowski Video shot in Bangalore’s workspace for Synergy Lifestyles Pvt Ltd – (…)