What : Interior design & decoration
Where : Marrakech
Who : Valérie Barkowski
When : 1999 up to now
More : If you want to book Dar Kawa

Mumtaz suite, textiles and more

Mumtaz suite textiles Most textiles in the Mumtaz suite are designed by Valérie Barkowski (…)

DAR KAWA 2018 edition

Dar Kawa 2018 edition Dar Kawa is always on the move. We look into (…)

Dar Kawa shop

Objects and furniture for sale Stay in Dar Kawa. Feel good and maybe love (…)

Graphic table

Creating a simple graphic table Two plates, cutlery, glasses, linen and an infinity of (…)

Michèle Gay – flavors and knowledge

Michèle Gay combines flavors and knowledge. Her experience of plants, scents, aromas, flavors, perfumes (…)

New terrace – Dar Kawa with a view on the medina

New terrace. A view on the roofs of the medina. At Dar Kawa, we (…)

The autumn table in our patio

Autumn style. There is not much needed to create a nice table ambiance. In (…)

Olmassi junior suite – RED dress code

The Olmassi junior suite, in Dar Kawa, has a new dress code. A new (…)

Mumtaz suite – 2016

Mumtaz remains the same but the atmosphere changes, the furniture, linens too. Mumtaz suite (…)

An african mood…

Dar Kawa multiplies inspirations around the table. Always with the same idea of ​​the (…)

Green lunch

Green, green, green. A summer wind. A desire for freshness, lightness. A table for (…)

Dar Kawa – spa

Slow life. The one you savor. The existence allied to relaxation. This is what (…)

New website for DK

Four rooms only. A personal style. Services are being developed and the attention to (…)

Lifestyle in Dar Kawa – fragments

In Dar Kawa, style and personality are expressed in every detail. The decoration tells (…)

Lumières intérieures


The Dar Kawa style

The style of this riad came to life out of the blue. Simply over (…)

Paris Première – Intérieurs 2012

  June 2012 Broadcast ‘Interiors’ on Paris Premiere – we discover Dar Kawa. Juin (…)

V.Barkowski linen in Dar Kawa – Marrakech

Bed and bath linen. Linge de lit et linge de bain. “LAMU” bath towel. (…)

A table – black and white

A flower from the garden. Une fleur du jardin. Homemade olive oil. Fait maison, (…)

Dar Kawa the story of a house

Dar Kawa lies in the very heart of the medina, or old city, in (…)

Life in Dar Kawa

Authenticity     Confort     Refinement     The feeling of being at home Authenticité   (…)

Dar Kawa : patio et salon

I chose neutral tones and sober, contemporary comfort as the themes for the decor, (…)

Dar Kawa : Suite Mumtaz

Suite Mumtaz is: impressive volumes, light, a fireplace, books, massage upon request, and Bandit (…)

Dar Kawa : Junior Suite Olmassi

The Olmassi Junior Suite is located on the ground floor with a view on (…)

Dar Kawa : Junior Suite Omani

The “Omani” Junior Suite consists of a sitting room, bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathroom. (…)

Dar Kawa : Double Room Baboune

The four bedrooms and their respective bathrooms are connected to a central patio, a (…)

Food in Dar Kawa

The joys of dining: a delight for body and mind, be it a refreshing (…)


Sur papier glacé, Dar Kawa se présente et invite au voyage… Son intérieur se (…)

Solenne Jolivet – 2011 Dar Kawa

Dar Kawa is an invitation and return to simplicity, the purity of natural fibers (…)

Tania Panova – 2010 Dar Kawa

Tania and I met by accident. The Moroccans would call it “mektoub” : It (…)

Sara Spinelli – 2010 Dar Kawa

Sara is a good friend. We’ve known each other for several years. She’s a (…)

Dar Kawa Mosaic by Myriam Balaÿ Devidal

I chose to present this cornucopia of pictures taken at Dar Kawa in the (…)

A saadian house Marrakech – 2002

A saadian house from the 17th century in the medina of Marrakech. In arabic (…)

Paris Première – Intérieurs 2006

Broadcast ‘Interiors’ on Paris Premiere – we discover Dar Kawa.       L’émission (…)

Dar Kawa Press Book

Paper dreams by Myriam Balaÿ Devidal

It was an immense pleasure to accept Valérie Barkowski’s invitation to work together in (…)