What : Everything/ Anything/ Unexpected Where : Everywhere
Who : The world When : Anytime

Constantin Brancusi photographer

Constantin Brancusi, more than a sculptor The man has pushed abstraction as never before. He simplified (…)


Words to designate realities emerge from a language, hygge. In Denmark, it refers to those little (…)

Giuseppe Penone, the Italian artist

Penone, the link between man and nature Giuseppe Penone made it the back bone of his (…)

Dayanita Singh photographer

Dayanita Singh, an inspring photographer I like her photographic work. Its simplicity which remains intense and (…)

Cactus – a real source of green inspiration

Green inspiration The cactus is a real source of green inspiration for me. Its colors are (…)

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei, a chinese artist. A master in contemporary art. And a champion of free expression. (…)

Barthélémy Toguo

He is a nomad too. Cameroonian artist who travels the world and shares his time between (…)

Line Vautrin

Woman of the 20th century. Female artist, free to create, Line Vautrin left behind a huge (…)

Say it with a moodboard

I cut, I select, I assemble, I change, I look at all the images together … (…)

Tiger woman

The Tiger woman with big green eyes, a perfectly drawn red mouth curved eyelashes and two small (…)


Aren’t we obliged to think differently now? To live differently? To act differently? I am aware (…)


There are those artists who fascinate. Panamarenko is one of them thanks to the freedom that (…)

Walter Swennen

Bright colors. Topics from contemporary culture. The line is sometimes childish, sometimes incisive. Walter Swennen is (…)

Less is more

Just outside of Marrakech. A few miles away from the edge of the bustling city life. (…)

Master piece of Miyako Ishiuchi

There are some stories that one apprehend without saying. These objects that speak without someone to (…)

Chappals, my chappals… Less is more

A moment that could occur but is rather seize … The idea is to capture the (…)

Stripes here, stripes there

There are stripes that get entangled. Others which form rows. And there are still others which (…)


And creation, in the palm of a hand. A hand, that helps you grow. A hand, (…)

Inspiration on a board

One always cuts and pastes. But one also pins up. One puts together. One gives names. (…)

« Bikes of burden » Hans Kemp

On a motorbike You cannot walk in the streets of Vietnam without coming across a motorbike. (…)


Patching up history In Japan, the boro was a thing of the past. Today, the boro (…)

Black Mickey

When black questions colour, kitch, pop culture…. Joyce Pensato creates art which questions, which jostles and (…)

Lionel Estève

And when eyes met colour, real colour A breath. A breath of fresh air… loaded with (…)

Sweet Paintings

When I want colour gushing out of my creations, I can be inspired by the American (…)

Indian matchbox

Inspirations, we store them in boxes…And then at times, as small as they are, they themselves (…)


The intensity of a woman’s work Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), an artist who continues to inspire. Her (…)


Fresh surge of inspiration. For me, creation rises from my surrounding environment, digs into the simplest (…)