Color: a universal means of expression

Marie-Claire Maison – Colors

« COLORS » Is a project that was ordered to me by Marie Claire Maison in 2005. The (…)

From orange to indian pink

A red thread? An orange and a pink line instead. A range of colors, among others, (…)

Casa piedra – Multicolor

Sometimes there is a specific demand for a customized style. So I try to adapt at (…)

Green Food

Green that you drink, eat, devour and taste. Green varies, blends with other colors, other foods. (…)

Colourful laundry

Laundry drying under the eye of  passers. Trivial. Banal. Sometimes well organized. Surprising as the composition (…)


In the profundity of indigo Indigo. A colour which likes to be interpreted, modulated. Moreover, what (…)

Black Mickey

When black questions colour, kitch, pop culture…. Joyce Pensato creates art which questions, which jostles and (…)


The intensity of a woman’s work Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), an artist who continues to inspire. Her (…)

Neon Summer

“Neon” colors are in the air for summer 2013. While still and always working on timeless (…)

H a p p y 13

2013 – Best Wishes       –       2013 – Meilleurs voeux

Colors – a point of view

Color associations in juxtaposed images. Nearly all these pairs of pictures were composed from my own (…)