Marfa – Donald Judd

Marfa in the heart of the Texan desert A UFO. An open air museum. A place (…)

Thai Travel diaries

Thailand The echo of the destination. A change of route. A deviation. Initially, this trip took (…)

Baan Dam Museum

The work of Thawan Duchanee Thawan Duchanee is an artist with a controversial reputation. Several years (…)

Digital detox

Digital detox Carpe Diem. The motto is millenium. Yet, who can not be caught up in (…)


Travel and actually live the country … A way of traveling that is so important to (…)

Love India travel guides

I have traveled so many times in India. Traveled kilometers. So, my friends frequently ask me (…)

The energy of New York

The city is almost part of everyday life. New York, as it is referred to, as (…)

Chefchaouen Blues

Chefchaouen with that special light, with that spectacular blue color. More than 20 years ago, this (…)

Tanger – portrait of a city

Tanger is a bright, sunny city. Its blue sky lights up everything. It attracts. It summons (…)

Hunting shooting NO-MAD

NO-MAD 97% India looks for a place for a shoot… A shop which catches the eye, (…)

Asilah, the sleeping beauty. Asilah, the artistic.

I love going there. I love falling under its spell. I love strolling. I savour authenticity (…)

Tanger – Hôtel Continental

Grand, yesterday . A dusty charm today.  In Tangier, the Hotel Continental remains almost intact, as (…)

Royal Yacht Club Mumbaï – The view

Right in front of Gateway of India. Majestic, bordering the sea, built in yellow basalt. The (…)